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FMMA BANGKOK WINGCHUN started in 2012, with a small dojo in the outskirts of Bangkok, from 4 students to now an average of 70 students from all over the world. Here we train in a non-gym like atmosphere to build a family environment for locals and expats to meet, make friends and train together. we pride ourselves in teaching people from all walks of life and all sizes and shapes, ages and races.

We cover separate training for various needs.


Fitness and weight loss or weight gain

street self-defense skills

mediation and escape from stress

healing and joint repair

kids and teens programs

Women only programs

weapons training in Staff, Double sticks, sword, and wooden dummy

International Artist showcases like MARK STAS in Bangkok.


Shifu Patrick gee has been practicing Wing Chun and Silat for 23 years, his master Wong yan sum came from a long line leading back to the red boat opera troupe 1918. His master, Yip Fook Choy and his father Yip Kin

built the Malaysian lineage of Wing Chun.  

A hall of fame winner, Patrick created his own system of self-defense around Wingchun and silat. 

Shifu Patrick is known in HK/Hollywood as the last red boat from the Red lantern troupe that came out of China into Malaysia. He is a Thai/Chinese Martial Arts Fight choreographer based in Thailand but travels worldwide to work on sets/shoots. He brings a combination of Pencak Silat and Wingchun into the scenes and is the fight master of Unicorn stunts international. He Started FMMA Bangkok in 2012, which promotes Women and Children Self Defense skills/training and mental building for confidence and awareness.


Shifu Patrick has worked on films like Ip Man to Shaolin, and with a host of Hollywood producers and directors as an advisor in their fight scenes. 

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